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Factory Automation System
NIIGATA MACHINE TECHNO offers Factory Automation.
Share your ideas with NIIGATA.
・Robot System
・FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)
・APM (Auto Pallet Magazine)

NIIGATA’s Robot System

Conventionally, because a robot arm performs work such as the installation of the work that a person performed, I can expect the reduction of the mistake and high efficiency.


Example 1. Work Transportation by Robots

Robots work with 3 sizes / 6 types of products.
Operator loads a work on AGV from previous process.
Robots transfer the work to each process in machining line.
 AGV unloads the work almost finished outside of the machining line.

<System Component>
No. of Machine Tools
HMC SPN501 x 3
No. of Work Transfer Robot
No. of Assembly machine
No. of AGV
No. of Measuring equipment1
①Of -⑥ This is a conveyance root of # 1 robot
⑦Of -⑮ This is a conveyance root of # 1 robot

Example 2. Heavy Tool Change by Robot Arm

Robot System achieves excess moment / heavy tool exchange.
<System Component>
No. of Machine ToolsHMC HN63E x 1
No. of Tool Change Robot1
No. of Tool Table1
Heavy Tool Change by Robot Arm
HN63E Maximum Tool Mass (Standard): 30kg
Robot System Maximum Tool Mass: 35kg

Example 3. Work air blow robot system

◆Work with the robot, air blow washing of the jig
It is an attempt to robotization and automation of the work that a person performs.
 I realize reduction of the troublesome work by danger.

<System Component>
No. of Machine ToolsHMC ULTY701 x 1
The appearanceSystem with a sense of unity with MC

The above is one case. I accept the consultation of the system.

FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)

FMS is an optimal solution for manufacturing of a wide variety of products in small quantities, as well as better productivity, labor-saving and auto-operation for long period of time.
 Niigata’s Machining Centers are adaptable with FMS for your efficiency.


Example 1 FMS with 800 x 800 and 1000 x 1000 Horizontal MC

Product Size800 sized:φ1750×D:1400㎜
1000 sized:φ2300×D:1850㎜
No. of 800 sized HMC2
No. of 1000 sized HMC2
No. of 800 sized Pallet105
No. of 1000 sized Pallet42
No. of 800 sized Shelf6
No. of 1000 sized Shelf4
No. of Loading St.3

Example 2 FMS with 1300 x 1300 Horizontal MC

Product Size
φ3200 x 3000 mm
No. of 1300 sized HMC
No. of Pallet
No. of Shelf
No. of Loading St.

Example 3 FMS with 800 x 800 Horizontal MC

Product Sizeφ1750 X D: 1400 mm
No. of 800 sized HMC1
No. of Pallet7
No. of Shelf1
No. of Loading St.2


ICC (Intelligent Cell Controller) System is Niigata´s original system controller with which FMS & Robot System that Niigata offers are operated.
ICC controls machining line which is combined with Machine Tools, Pallet Conveyors, Pallet Stockers and loading/unloading stations.


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Machine Tools
High speed & high performance SPN series
Hybrid guide system machine HN-S series
Heavy duty box way style HN series
Ultra heavy duty cutting HN-Ti series
High rigid tilt table 5 axis HN-5X series
Versatile model (boring center/facing center/bar center)
FMS, advanced multifunctional cell controller (ICC)
Remote diagnosis function (smart maintenance)
Robot System
Injection molding machine
Small horizontal Injection molding machine MD-S series
Vertical single motion molding machine MDV-S series to emit
Rotary table type vertical Injection molding machine
MDVR-S series
Own motive system
An Injection molding machine remote monitoring system "is clairvoyant"
Exclusive plane, overhaul
Piece processing, etc.
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