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Optional Equipment

Cooling Water Ports for Mold Temperature Control Equipment (for vertical machine with rotary table)


Connection ports for the mold are installed on the top of rotary table. It enables easy connection of water system from temperature control equipment to the mold as well as secure and stable water circuit to the lower mold which is on rotating table.

Equipment Detail

Connection ports for temperature control equipment are on the left side of the machine. Ports for the lower mold are on the rotary table and ports for the upper mold are on the left side of upper platen.
* Connections between temperature control equipment and the machine, and between mold and the machine are not included.

Types of Equipment

1. 1 System/upper mold, 1 system/lower mold(s)
・Upper mold and lower mold(s) have a water system each (2 systems).
・When 2 lower molds used, 1 system is divided into 2 circuits with the temperature setting.

2. 1 System/upper mold, 2 sytems/lower mold
・Each 3 molds (1 upper mold and 2 lower molds) has individual water system (3 systems).
・2 Lower molds can have different temperature setting.

Mold Control Device (Vertical Rotary Table Injection Molding Machine)


For controling and status checking of mold, injection machine receives output signals from sensors attached on the mold. This device provides power sourse to those sensors and enables signal input to the injection machine.


Receptacles on the rotary table can be used for sensors on lower mold and receptacles on the side of upper platen are for sensors on upper mold.
*Wiring between sensor and receptacle is not provided.

Application examples

1. Ejector Plate Return Confirmation Device
 ・ Position of ejector plate is confirmed by the sensor on mold.

2. Slice Core Return Confirmation Device
 ・ Position of slide core at the time of mold openning completed is confirmed by sensors on mold.

3. Mold Heating Device
 ・ Mold temperature is controlled by heaters.
 ・ 3 zones control (1 upper mold, 2 lower molds).
 ・ Temperature controller displayed on screen.
 ・ Temperature sensor attached (heater is not included).

Mold Drive Device (vertical injection machine with rotary table)


Molds equipped with core cylinder or other features require driving force by hydraulic or pneumatic power pack. This device provides simple installation of the circuit for the power pack to the core cyliner or other types of drive mechanism, which is often complicating under the rotating platen.


1. Device for Hydraulic Power Pack
Connection port for hydraulic power pack is located on the left side of the machine. Solenoid is placed on the rotary table. Power pack is provided as an option. Pipings between a power pack and the connection port, and between solenoid valve and lower mold are not included. A plug to receive signals from core cylinder is also provided (see details on Mold Control Device).
Oil pressure driving means
2. Air Drive Device
Vertical injection machine with rotary table is equipped with air drive device for its standard motion and it can be used for mold as well. Solenoid valve is placed on the rotary table. Piping between solenoid valve and lower mold is not included. A plug to receive signals from core cylinder is also provided.
Air driving means


1. Interference with other optional device on the rotary table
Hydraulic drive device is only applicable when mold temperature control piping has 1 system. It cannot be installed when mold temperature control piping has 2 systems due to the pipeline structure.

2. Up to 2 systems of mold drive device
Mold drive device is limited up to 2 systems (1 system each for 2 lowe molds). Only simultaneous motions are possible when a mold has multiple drive features.

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