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Niigata remote monitoring system N-i. SHARE

Niigata remote monitoring system N-i. SHARE is composed of various communication software.
The features of each software are shown below.

N-i. SHARE introduction video


IoT remote monitoring software KEEP-EYE

IoT remote monitoring software KEEP-EYE supports to construct Iot system for stand alone machine.
KEEP-EYE inherits monitoring and managing functions from FMS system. 
 Operating status can be grasped in a glance and Software is easy to use Functions are ①Operating status ②Tool management ③Program management ④Maintenance management ⑤Operation rate management ⑥Operation Log ⑦Load management


The number of connectable machining center :Up to 20 sets
The number of PC to control and display :1set
The number of PC to display data :Up to 5 sets


➀Machine Operating status view
 Color of icon on the right field shows current operating status.
 Maintenance schedule calendar is shown in the left field.
➁Tool management
 Software supports to register and edit tool information, and read and write tool information to/from maching center. 
 Tool on/off scheduling function allows to edit a Tool exchange schedule according to machining process.
 (Option) : Tool information stored in tool presetter can be acquired.
③Program management
 This function supports to edit/write/read NC program in machining center.
④Periodic Maintenance
 This function edits periodical maintenance schedule and upload/download the schedule to/from machining center.
 Maintenance menu can be displayed on the calendar in machine status view.
➄Operation rate management
 Bar graph show operation status.
➅Operation Log management
 Operation time and cutting time are displayed with list form.
➆Load Management
 Tool information and load in current machining process are displayed.


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1300 Okayama, Higashi-ku, Niigata City, Niigata 950-0821
TEL: +81-25-274-5121
 FAX: +81-25-271-5827
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