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It is Niigata's mission is to provide products that can contribute to the clients' profit.

 Niigata machine tool business began with lathe production in 1904. Today its flagship product is horizontal machining centers with Niigata's proprietary BOX in BOX ® design which adapts 3-Points Leveling developed under a concepts of “High Precision, High Rigidity, High Speed”. Our product line also includes machines with distinctive technical features such as HN series for heavy-duty cutting and high rigidity and multifunctional machining centers with turning and facing functions.
 Niigata injection molding machine business began production in 1963. Niigata has been a pioneer as a manufacturer of all-electric injection molding machine since 1982 developing innovative technologies for high precision molding. Today our product range includes all-electric horizontal injection molding machines from small to large tonnage and vertical injection molding machines. Niigata injection molding machine covers customer’s required performance and quality. 
 We continue to provide products that can contribute to the client’s profit by accurately capturing clients' requirements, providing robust technology, enhancing production engineering and promptly responding to sales and service request from the clients. 
 We also believe that our corporate activities contribute to the local community by creating jobs as well as to reach a sustainable society by developing energy-efficient technologies and services.
President Yukio Tamura


Address: 1300 Okayama, Higashi-ku, Niigata City, Niigata 950-0821

Access: By car   20 minutes from Niigata Station, approx. 8 km.
                          10 minutes from Niigata Airport, approx. 5 km.

      By train  Ogata Station on JR Hakushin line. 15 minutes walk from Ogata Station, approx. 1 km.
1300 Okayama, Higashi-ku, Niigata City, Niigata 950-0821
TEL: +81-25-274-5121
 FAX: +81-25-271-5827
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Machine Tools
High speed & high performance SPN series
Hybrid guide system machine HN-S series
Heavy duty box way style HN series
Ultra heavy duty cutting HN-Ti series
High rigid tilt table 5 axis HN-5X series
Versatile model (boring center/facing center/bar center)
FMS, advanced multifunctional cell controller (ICC)
Remote diagnosis function (smart maintenance)
Robot System
Injection molding machine
Small horizontal Injection molding machine MD-S series
Vertical single motion molding machine MDV-S series to emit
Rotary table type vertical Injection molding machine
MDVR-S series
Own motive system
An Injection molding machine remote monitoring system "is clairvoyant"
Exclusive plane, overhaul
Piece processing, etc.
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