Ultimate Rigidity

 Horizontal Machining Center

Boxway style High Rigid Horizontal Machining Center

HN series





HN series has been evolving for 50 years ever since it

made its first appearance on the market, 

receiving excellent reputation for heavy duty cutting.
HN series, with more than 100 years of Niigata's traditon,
offers ultimate rigidity and variety of line-up to meet all your needs.

High rigid trunnion table 5-axis Machining Center

HN-5X series

5-axis machine with full cutting capability

High rigid 5-axis horizontal machining center 

developed from Boxway style HN series.
Powerful cutting capability that 4 -axis machine

can provide assured.

Machining center with U-axis and W-axis

HN FC series

Machining center with boring function 

HN BAR series 

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